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Dental Crown Treatment Brampton

Smileton Dental offers a complete range of restorative dentistry services in Brampton including crowns. We specialize in crown placement that helps in replacing missing teeth or restoring damaged teeth. As dental experts, we make sure your dental crown not only fits perfectly but also appears natural. This effective treatment works well for a range of issues such as tooth decay, broken or fractured tooth, and more. From concealing a dental implant to cosmetically enhancing a tooth, crowns are used for a variety of reasons. Crowns are customized dental prostheses that can seamlessly replace missing teeth. A dental crown can enhance the appearance of a damaged tooth, as well as act as a cap. When we place a dental crown, we make sure you are able to eat, brush, floss, and drink normally.


Dental crowns are made using different materials such as porcelain/ceramic, metal, and more. Crowns are not the same as dental filling which involves a direct restoration. It means that a dental filling is inserted directly into the tooth while a crown covers a tooth similar to placing a cap. It can be used in cases like deep cavities, post root canals, or chipped teeth. The process involves taking your tooth impression to create the crown on the first visit. Meanwhile, you can get a temporary crown while your restorative crown is being prepared. Once it’s done, the dentist will place the permanent crown and make sure it fits in comfortably.


Why Dental Crown?

We understand a cracked or missing tooth can reduce your confidence. You may also encounter other issues such as trouble chewing or gum infection. So, to improve the appearance of a smile and avoid potential dental issues, we provide the best dental services in Brampton. A dental crown acts like a “cap” fitted on a broken, damaged, or stained tooth. It is also used after a root canal treatment or to support a dental bridge.

With years of experience in restorative dentistry, we have become proficient in restoring the appearance and function of a decayed or damaged tooth. We focus on finding solutions that don’t need extraction and help in saving as much enamel as possible. Crowns offer multiple benefits such as preventing cracks from becoming more severe and protecting weak teeth from breakage. It also safeguards tooth post root canal treatment.  We use dental crowns for issues such as:

  • Repair tooth decay
  • Cap to cover cracks
  • Conceal permanent stains
  • Support Bridge
  • Reshape tooth
  • And more

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