Dental Bridges Brampton

Dental Bridge Brampton

Dental Bridge Brampton

If you have missing teeth, we provide dental bridges to restore your confident smile. Dental bridges act as a perfect replacement for one or more missing teeth. It fills the gap in your smile with a series of artificial, natural-looking teeth. Missing teeth cause multiple issues besides reducing your confidence to smile. It is more than just a cosmetic issue. Without one or more teeth, you will face difficulties with chewing, eating, and even speaking. To avoid these issues, we help you get a dental bridge that safely fills gaps between teeth. Gaps in teeth also make cleaning difficult and that results in bacteria growth. If left untreated, it could lead to gum diseases. You may also notice other teeth shifting, causing further gum problems or joint disorders in your jaw. However, it is possible to avoid all these problems by fixing dental bridges.

Smileton Dental is one of the leading dental clinics in Brampton offering a wide range of services. We are experts in filling the gap in teeth with premium bridges by placing crowns on either side of the gap. Whether you have lost a single tooth or multiple teeth are missing, we can find a perfect solution to restore your smile.  This treatment can help you get a full set of teeth. Bridges is more than just a cosmetic procedure. It gives you a confident smile besides correcting dental issues like chewing difficulty or gum diseases.

Dental Bridge Process

We provide a dental bridge treatment to fill a gap where one or multiple teeth have been missing. The treatment procedure involves using bridge anchors on the teeth on either side of the gap for the dental crowns to sit over. We take an impression of your smile to create the bridge and custom-make the artificial tooth (or teeth). The bridge consists of 2 crowns as a single piece. Crowns are fixed to the nearby teeth for supporting the artificial teeth. However, if nearby teeth are strong enough to support the bridge, then we surgically place dental implants which is an artificial roots. The final step involves placing the custom-made bridge in your mouth and ensuring that artificial teeth and crowns feel comfortable in your mouth.

A dental bridge is a safe cosmetic solution to help you get back your beautiful smile. Moreover, it restores your dental health by eliminating problems caused due to teeth gaps. So, if you’re struggling with missing teeth, we are here to find the best dental solution for you.

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